Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New beginning...

I do not like new beginnings... I love my comfort zone.... but i hate monotony. Yes, I'm a complicated melody, I am! So, I find myself having been yanked out of my comfort zone and thrust into a new space! Yes, after a gazillion interviews I finally got a jobbie! Yay for me! Funy thing is it was must best offer, and I was sure it wud pass me by.... However, as dear ole lady luck wud have it, I got it! *champagne poppin, celebration, celebration*

Ok, so beides the new job, I have a whole new lease on life. I'm not very good when it comes to regular communication with friends! This happened to me and one of my bestest buds a while back. We kinda drifted, then we were like hey we need to catch up, we gots ta do coffee or go partying again blah, blah, blah! Of course with both our busy schedules it was rather impossible. However, we did manage to do a late lunch one time...and it was good! we realised just how much we missed each other.

So a few weeks ago she was in an accident that actually took her sista's life! It was the most horrid time ever! Anyway, long story short, since then our friendship has taken a whole nutha level. We're back on track, we're communicating everyday now! It's so terrible how it takes a tragedy to get people to open their eyes and stop taking each other for granted!

So here are my wise words for the day: Live and love like today is your last day!

K, having sed that, off I go to make a living!


Friday, August 1, 2008

And she's back....

Hello world!

I've been gone for a minute! I missed the blogging world. I was just in a state of confusion and I'm pretty sure that was the reason for my 'blogger's block'! I did something that I'd been meaning to do for a while. Well, I'd been meaning to do it but couldn't or rather, didn't want to! I finally totally and completely let go of ex-man-friend!

No, seriously... this time it's for real, it's for forever! So much so that I even deleted his number from my phone to stop myself from idiotically calling him in a moment of weakness! And believe me there have been a few! So how'd I do it this time? Well, I told him I wasn't gonna be his shag buddy and we really can't be friends anymore! *sob* It's been 3 days and I miss him terribly! But here's the thing. Because I'm so terrible at remembering numbers and anything mathematical, deleting his number from my moby was the best move! So I don't have his number on my phone and I never memorised it! Yippe yay! Good for me then! I'm hoping that this will be the very last time you hear about ex-man-friend and my ridiculous pining for him! We're done. And now my teddy's all I got! *sob*

Moving rite along then.... You know those stories we hear or see or read about young artistic peoples, who at one time or another, find themselves so broke that they actually live from hand to mouth? Well, today I can totally relate. It's the end of the month and I'm so, soooooooo broke! Now I'm not talking a couple of hundred rands in my bank account broke! I'm talking so-broke-that-I-haven't-enuff-money-for-rent type broke! Funny thing this! I've never, ever been in this kinda situation! It is mortifying! Anyway... just thought I'd share that bit of info! *deep-breath*

On a lighter note, I often wonder if creepy old men REALLY think that telling a girl she looks like a model will REALLY make her give him some attention, affection and a piece of *ss! Seriously! how dumb do they think we are? So this creepy old guy has been trying to chat me up the whole time I've been sitting in this chair. YUK! Total Grossification! It's soooooo pathetic! If I weren't so stressed out I may actually have humoured him!

Creepy Old Man: Hi I'm Creepy Old Man.

Me: Hello.

COM: So what your name?

Me: Soup. (The only reason I gave my name is just coz I'm tryna be polite. I'm helping out a friend at their place of work and COM is a client of some sort!)

COM: Oh Soup. Are you Xhosa (a South African tribe)?

Me: No I'm not.

COM: Oh okay. (silence for a few minutes) I suppose you model often.

Me: Ermmmm, no I don't! (instantaneous evaporation of all politeness!)

COM: Well I just thought with your body, you know, and you're quite beautiful so i thought maybe...

Me: ...(silence)

COM: So what do you do on Saturdays?

Me: 'Scuse me?

COM: What do you like to do away from work. Like what's your sport?

Me: I hate sport!

COM: So do you like watching movies?

Me: No

COM: Do you like dancing?

Me: Yes.

COM: Oh so you're a dancer? Yes! I can tell!

Me:...(again, silence!)

COM: blah, blah, blah... some trash talk about nice places around Joburg that I should 'check out' and an offer to take me to them! (Uhhhhhhhhhhh yeah, sure... like I'd go dancing with a beady-eyed, pot-bellied, creepy old man like you! WTF????????)

Anyway, after a while I guess he got the picture and buggured off. He's now sitting a ways away from me! I mean really! What is it about me that attracts the old, pot-bellied types? I have nothing against older men. I'm just not into the creepy, pot bellied ones! YUK! Anyway, he's certainly put me off men - for a while at least! LMAO!

Anyway, that's about as eventful as my day has been. And so off I go to make a plan regarding them dollar bills! Eeeeeekkk! Wish me luck!


Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I wanna blog... I have loads to blog about... but somehow I don't feel inspired! Grrrr..... What's a girl to do at a time like this? I need some inspiration... I sooooo don't have writer's block! I'm just lazy!
hmmmmm... I've been staring at the screen for the past 10 minutes... and the Nigerian Movie blaring in the background is no help... Argh... I hate internet cafes! Time to get internet access on my laptop!
Oh well, looks like inspiration is not coming anytime soon! So till the next wave of inspiration hits...


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Woe is me!

Yes... I'm having the mother of all Pity Parties today! I am a miserable grump! This job hunting dilemna of mine is getting me down... finally! Gone is the happy-go-lucky, que-sera-sera, no-worries-it'll-work-itself-out persona! I feeling sorry for myself - I know! But I can't help it! i like things to happen fast! I hate having to wait and wait... especially if it's things that i have absolutely no control over! Grrrrrrrrrrrr.... So all those bloody posts that i've applied for and am certain I am more than qualified for...well, they are the reason for my miserabilityness! Teeheehee - new word! i even find myself pining for ex-man-friend! Stupid, I know...

Oh Well, off I go to finish off my pity party and carry on with my job hunting! Grrrrrr..... I'll be better tomorrow! I pwomiseeee! All I need is a good dose of Magnum-itis!!!! Yum!


Thursday, July 3, 2008


I think my body is quite confused... I slept in today... No work to do... No job to go to.... So i got out of bed at 8:30! Yay! i usually wake up at 5:30, bath then go back to bed for an hour... get up at 7:30 and get ready for work! I woke up at 5:30 - no alarm needed... Then I went back to sleep adn woke up at 8:30. I know my body is wondering whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! But I plan on enjoying it while I can. This whole job-hunting thang isn't any fun!
Okay... Off i go to do more job-hunting....


Friday, June 27, 2008

They make the funny......

This is a picture of a restaurant banner that I took when I was in Kenya in December last year! My friend and I thought it was Supa funny! Now I'm sure you're wondering why the heck we thought it was funny... See in one of the many South African languages - Kuku means cake. It's also used to refer to - erm - the female genitalia! Okay, I'm really not a crude kinda person... But we thought it was so funny how things can be misconstrued just because of a language and/or cultural difference!

Apparently 'Mfalme' means King. So Imagine our shock when we came across this sign... Even funnier was how we both screamed at the same time - as if on cue! We were literally rolling on the floor while bewildered Kenyans stared at us liked we were two crazed banshees! I guess that means if they ever think of having a branch in South Africa they'd have to change the name... Teeheehee...

Happy Friday!


How Now Brown Cow?

I'm looking forward to the weekend! Yesterday I really wasn't... The plan was to get up and do my laundry on Saturday morning, have a bath, then go back to bed and spend the rest of the day alternating between reading my new book, watching dvds and eating junk food!

Well, plans have changed. I soooo love it when pay-day comes earlier than expected! I love it even more when the money is more than I expected! Okay, so it's only a couple of Rands more... not much, really! But I'm Supa Stoked about it coz I can go and settle an account that I didn't think I'd be able to finish paying for until next month! Yey. One less thing to worry about! I hate - no, loathe - being in debt! Which is why I have a junky, temperamental phone that needs to be charged everytime I make or receive a phone call! LOL.... I'm happy to use my 'junkmate' till I have enough to get me a new one. I'm also glad I can do the important things on it...namely Facebook *gasp* and emailing! teeheehee!

Now, just like Blondie I have a major shoe and magazine fetish! So I need to find a way to stay away from malls, especially with this ridiculous end-of-month sales they're having! I need to stay away from magazine stands and from shoe shops! Argh... whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..... why is being a female so complicated? Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....

Anywhoooooo.... It's Friday... I need to go dancing... but I also need my sleep! What's a girl to do? Everything's sooooooo complicated! No... I'll be wise and I'll stay home this weekend!!! No partying, no late nights! It's a punishment for the mistake I made on Tuesday night! grrrrrr... That'll teach me! Muhahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....

Kay.... back to clock watching I go... It's Friday, I'm allowed! to! LMAO.... Have a Supa weekend!


P.S - I just figure this 'link' thing out... I'm Supa impressed with myself! Take that techno-geeks!!!! LMAO

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cud've, Shud've, Wud've

Arghhhhhh.... I woke up late today! Why? Co I woke up in the middle of the night and I couldn't get back to sleep. I was tossing and turning... thinking of all the things I should have done but didn't. Things I should've said but didn't. Regret's a *itch ain't it? Pity there's not much I can do about it now! Grrrrrrrrrrr..... I'm so annoyed with myself! Dangitt, dangitt, dangitt!!!!

I'm grumpy. I'm grumpy coz I didn't get enough sleep. I'm also grumpy coz I'm mad at myself. Grrrrrr..... I just wanna bury my head in the sand and hide from me! lol - how I wish that was possible!

Why is that sometime your mind is telling you one thing but your heart tells you something else? Why does something so wrong feel so right?

'Do not anxiously hope for that which is not yet come; do not vainly regret what is already past.' - Chinese Proverb

I should probably take this to heart hey? Yeah... regretting won't help me will it? But let it be noted that I am an idiot! grrrrrr.....


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I feel sick.... I feel sick because once again, I went overboard with the chocolate! I absolutely lurvvveeeeeeeee chocolate coated peanuts and I just went through two 100gram packets in the space of an hour and a lunch bar. And of course all this while sipping on 2 cans of Fanta grape - no, not at the same time but also in the space of an hour! OMG - I think I'm gonna puke! urgh! Anyway, it's my fault. Now if only all this chocolate wud translate into just a few kilograms/pounds! Yes, I'm still trying to put some weight on... just a little bit... not too much.

When I went to Cape Town I went dress hunting with my mom. So the first thing she says when she sees me is 'OMG Soup. You look like a skeleton! Why are you so thin? Are you stressed? Are you over-worked?' Seriously - I'm not anorexic! I think I look pretty healthy. I have lost a few kilos...just like 5...and my family acts like I've joined the Nicole Richie/Olsen Twins anorexic bandwagon! Grrrrrr. Not cool people! Not cool!

Anywhoooo.... No news about PMH - (potato masher hottie according to Afrosliq Diva lol). He brought the masher back - alas, I was nowhere to be found. I gave myself a bit of a kick when I realised that! I haven't seen him since that day - maybe coz I've been cooped up in my room for the past few days. I'm hoping to catch a glimpe of his royal hottness sometime soon. Maybe I should go and borrow something from him. The question is... what'll it be? Tsk, tsk, tsk!

Still on the man front, I know I sed I'd continue the ex-man-friend saga. Well, let forget that for a second and talk about the present. So I haven't seen him in about three weeks. But we've spoken on the phone like three or four times each week. Believe me I've been trying to limit contact with the dude. I don't call him anymore, but he calls! Honestly, I kinda digg that we're still friends - haha - seriously, we are friends! LOL. So we were mean't to catch a movie this past weekend but I just wanted to be alone...and then he got sick and I was not about to catch a cold from him! Anyway, he's leaving for the Cape tomorrow and will be gone till next week so we're gonna hang out tonight. Teeheehee...Relax... I'll behave! Trust me! Muhahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa...

Oh goodness... not I really feel like I'm about to throw up! Let me go and chew on a ginger root!


Friday, June 20, 2008

Too gone too long...

OMG! I have been gone for waaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy too long... I just took a quick tour around the blogging world and I'm amazed at how many posts I've missed. I have a lot of catching up to do! So where have I been? Hmmmm... where to start. I was in Cape Town for a little over a week and I just got back to the City of Gold on Wednesday afternoon. I know, I know... it's not like I was in some God-forsaken, internetless part of the universe. See the thing is I thought I would have time to blog...alas, I had no clue how much work a Maid of Honour has BEFORE the wedding! But it was soooo much fun - despite the late nights, early mornings and family drama! Teeheehee! And what a beautiful wedding it was!!! I remember walking down the aisle to the altar and almost wishing I was getting married! Ha-ha... Okay... I'll tell you all about the wedding some other time! I must mention, though, that I thought mixed race marriages were complicated! I had no clue that mixed culture marriages are more dramatic than mixed race ones! LMAO.... and the families! WOW.... un-freaking-believable!

So I come back from Cape Town and of course there's sooooo much work waiting for me! Not to mention how tired I still am. The past two days have seen me in bed by 7:30pm! My housemate thinks I'm pregnant! LMAO... For the record, I'm not!!!! My mom would have a cadenza... Anywhooo.... apart from the work that doesn't seem to be ending (I'm actually working on a script for an insert that was meant to be in edit on Wednesday but I keep telling myself I have writers block - I'm just lazy!) ...apart from that I almost feel as though my world is about to come crumbling down! Long story cut short...I shall be jobless as of the end of this month! Eeek! Why? Well, it's got something to do with contracts and a new season and the national broadcaster dragging their feet...bluh! Funny thing though.... the old me wud have had a hernia already... but for some reason, although I'm kinda worried, I'm pretty calm about it! No tears, no stress! That's seriously wierd! Anyway... just thought I'd share...

Errrrmmmm... what else? Oh, there's a hottie in the building! No, not this building.... I mean at home... I only moved into this current apartment about two months ago so I haven't really had time or the desire to socialise with the neighbours. But my eyes were opened yesterday! I've seen him around and I know his name and stuff... but I've never seen him up close and we've never had a conversation - other than the occasional wave from across the road! WOW! Supa fine! Don't worry, he's not gonna be the rebound guy! (Yeah, I'm still not over ex man-friend...grrrrrrrr) But Hott Yung Thang is just good ole eye candy! mmmmmm...yummy! LMAO... Anyway, he came to ask for - wait for it - a potato masher! huh? LMAO! I know I was also like Anyway, now that we've officially met I have a feeling I'll be seeing a whole lot more of him! Okay, okay... I won't do anything silly! Well, I'll try not to anyway! lol... But he is such a hottie... and he has one of those deep, smooth voices.... eeek! I totally have a crush on him! Don't worry, I'm just going a bit ape-sh*t coz I never thought anyone wud move me after ex man-friend! So this is a good sign. My heart may finally be realising that he isn't my all-in-all! LMAO...

Speaking of ex-man-friend...I'm sure you're wondering if we've been in touch! Okay, before you read any further please note that all weapons must be put far, far away! I foresee some scolding! Deep breath......................................................

I think this post is too long already and I don't wanna bore y'all to death so watch this space... To Be Continued... *smile*